Our Karaoke and Bingo Venues

O'Houlies Pub

Great atmosphere and always decorated to match the occasion.

O'Houlies has karaoke 5 nights a week!

Darts, Pool Tables, Video Golf, Pull Tabs

Engels Pub

The oldest business in Edmonds!

Karaoke Thursday & Sunday.

Live music on weekends!

Skeet Ball, Darts, Pool Table, Pull Tabs

North Shore Pub

The best neighborhood bar in Kenmore!

Thursday Karaoke 

Friday Dj Owyn'd!

Pool Table, Outdoor Patio, Pull Tabs

Cactus Moon Saloon

Huge menu, great food, friendly staff!

Wednesday Naughty Bingo 

Tuesday Karaoke (Contest Season ONLY) Saturday Karaoke!

Darts, Trivia, Video Golf, Pull Tabs

Juanita Pub

Beer Pong, Pull Tab Wall!

Trivia, Karaoke, Live Music

New Naughty Bingo Show!

Thursday 6-7:30

The Fireplace Bar

Darts, Pull Tabs, Pool Table!

Karaoke 1st Saturday MONTHLY