Our Quality Karaoke Crew

Miss Julia

Julia began hosting karaoke in 2001, and continued through a BA in Psychology. She started QK, as a Sole Prop in 2013, and has grown it into the successful Corporation it is today.

"Music is the Expression of the Soul. This career chose me! I am super proud to have created and sustained such an amazing group of individuals, all of which whom help me run this stellar company, with a reputation to match! So Blessed"

Who would be included in your dream dinner party? What would you serve? "I LOVE to cook! I'd have my Husband and some close friends. It's all about love! I would start the meal with decadent Lobster Bisque and Ceasar Salad. The main dish would be an Herb-Crusted Prime Rib with a Port-reduction glaze, garlic mashed potatoes with fresh made gravy. Vegetable side dish would be local in-season produce. For Dessert, anything Chocolate! Mousse? Homemade from scratch, of course."

Favorites: "Favorite color is Purple. Season is Autumn. Favorite Musician is Kurt Elling. Favorite Concert, haven't gone yet! Bought tickets for Elton John Farewell Tour in Florida next year!"

Julia's co-workers describe her as: Determined, Aspiring, Organized and Motivational.

Miss Shawna

Shawna has been on board since 2014 and is Second in Command. She is invaluable and Julia considers her as her Right Hand.


"Born and raised in Western Washington and I cannot imagine life anywhere but here. Love to travel but can't seam to make the time to get away. Independent and a self starter I'm generous and loyal. I always go out of my way to help others. Witty and Fun. I LOVE to do themed rotations, bring me your themes!"

Who would play you in a movie of your life? What genre would it be? "Young me would be played by Rachel Bilson. Old me, Janeane Garofalo. It would be a Romantic Comedy."

Favorites: "Favorite color is Green. Favorite food, Cheesecake. Favorite book is The Rook. Favorite Drink, Lemon Drop. Favorite Season, Autumn. Favorite Musician(s), Chicago. Favorite concert, Beastie Boys."

Shawna's co-workers describe her as: Reliable, Sweet, Witty and A Leader.

Miss Zaneta

Zaneta has been on board since 2017. QK had a sudden need and Zaneta stepped into the role with ease. She continues to contribute her talents wherever QK needs.

"I'm from Seattle, I love music and hanging out with my 4 sons! I am a lover of people and adventures. In my spare time you can find me helping someone in need."

If you could go back in time, which period & location would you visit? "I would visit the 80's. Things were cheaper, the music was phenomenal and you couldn't have a bad day or be in a bad mood while listening to it."

Favorite: "Favorite color is Purple and favorite food is any pasta! Favorite book is Anne of Green Gables. Favorite Drink, Mai Tai or Shirley Temple. Favorite movie is Hollywood Shuffle and favorite TV show is Law & Order, Favorite season is Summer. Favorite song is Conquer. Favorite actress is Queen Latifah. Favorite musician is Roosevelt McQuarter (my dad!). Favorite concert was Lenny Kravits and P!nk. Favorite historical figure is Harriett Tubman."

Zaneta's co-workers describe her as: Fun-Loving, Strong, Nurturing,  and Smooth

Miss Owyn

Owyn has been on board since 2017. With zero experience working with music or in entertainment, Owyn quickly became a natural. She is the only host who currently works a DJ ONLY show AND hosts karaoke. 

"I graduated from UW with a degree in Anthropology. 3rd generation Edmonds girl and own a home in Edmonds. I am allergic to Citrus! I have a life long love of all music genres. I became a DJ and Karaoke host to facilitate the love of music and dancing for others. My favorite thing is to watch others enjoy music and lose themselves to the beat."

If you could be reincarnated as any animal, what would you chose? Why? "I would be a Gryphon, half Eagle, half Lion. Known to be cheerful, friendly, proud and confident. I would love to be able to fly plus be able to walk on land, not just be confined to skies or land."

Favorites: "My favorite color is Rose Gold. Favorite food is a Dicks Deluxe. Favorite book, To Kill A Mockingbird. Favorite drink is a White Russian. Favorite Movie, The Jerk. TV Show, Saved By The Bell. Favorite Season is Summer. Favorite song, Down in Mexico by the Coasters. Favorite Musician is John Hait and my favorite concert was The Rolling stones. Historical figure would be Joan of Arc."

Owyn's co-workers describe her as: Spirited, Caring, Bold and Enthusiastic. 

Miss Cassie

Cassie has been on board since 2018. She is excited not only to host karaoke for QK, but to assist with Weddings and Private Parties!

"Born and raised in Washington State (Everett & Seattle). I work as a massage therapist at Willows Lodge Spa in Woodinville. I have been singing since a very young age and doing karaoke since the day I turned 21!"

What advice would you give to Five year old you? Sixteen? Twenty-One? "5 year old - Be nice to your parents. 16 year old - Don't rush and don't worry too much about the future. 21 year old - It's going to be okay. :-) Enjoy your life and live it up! Experience as much as you can!"

Favorites: Favorite color is Purple. Favorite food, pizza. Favorite drink is a Mojito or a Margarita! Favorite season Is Fall! Favorite Actor, Musician and Concert is Darren Criss! Also Lea Michele."

Cassie's co-workers describer her as: Earnest, Committed, Thoughtful and Genuine.

Mr Joshua

Joshua has been on board since Mid 2018. He is an entrepreneur and brings his spirit and love for music with him to the stage!

"Born and Raised in Everett! I have been obsessed with music my whole life! I was lucky enough to have a family that liked the good stuff and was introduced to Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Foreigner and the Eagles on 8 Tracks at a very early age. Still love that classic rock! I was in band all throughout school, played several instruments and did Jazz and Marching Band. I didn't discover my singing talents till my junior year of High School. Grunge helped me out of my shell and I love singing Pearl Jam, Soundgarden/Audioslave. I love spending time with my beautiful wife of 17 years and our 2 awesome teenaged kids! My primary job has me traveling all across Western U.S. from Texas to Hawaii!! I work hard and I sing hard! I love watching people get up on the stage and put their fears aside and give it their all!!!"

What is on your bucket list? I have always wanted to go on a trip to Bora Bora and spend a few weeks in an over the water Bungalow with my wife Lesley! No TV, no phones, just some music and the ocean.

Favorites: Favorite color is Blue. Favorite food, PORK. Favorite book is The Russian Affair. Favorite drink is a Black Russian. Favorite movie, Die Hard! The Office is my favorite TV Show and my favorite actor is Chewbacca. My favorite season is Fall and Kashmeir is my favorite song. My favorite musician is Chris Cornell and favorite band is Soundgarden. Historical Figure, Matrin Luther King Jr.

Joshua's co-workers describe him as: Focused, Intelligent, Funny and Sweet.

Miss Kylie


 Kylie has been on board since Mid 2018. She currently hosts Naughty Bingo, but will assist with private events, including weddings! Brand new to the karaoke scene, and naughty bingo, Kylie has quickly become a natural and loves entertaining her Bingo crowd. Come see what the newest bar game is creating so much hype over!

“I’m from Granite Falls Washington. I’ve been singing karaoke since I was 3 years old. During the day I’m a pre-k teacher. I sing preschool songs all day, and love coming to the bar and singing real adult songs of all variety!”


If you ended up on a plane with your favorite celebrity, what would you ask them?
My favorite celebrity is Chris Pratt so...
Will you marry me??


My favorite color is peach. Favorite food is king crab. Favorite book is Runner. Favorite drink is a Bahama Mama. Favorite movie is Anastasia. My favorite song is Banana Pancakes. My favorite tv show is The Office.  


Kylie’s coworkers describer her as: Sweet, Witty, Funny, Feisty